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tonight, the dead shall walk the earth and dance to the tune of the devil..


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ok, this site has fucked me over once again, so for now its an open membership, so come and join..and ignore the bottom stuff unless you really wanna share it with me..

single, there said it..

hey, i also like to review new and comming movies, so i think i will post trailers and shit and have you rate them or something..

here goes, i think im gonna try to do that 'if your good enough, ill let you stay shit..' so i think im gonna make an application you need to fill out and hopefully, enough people will join so we can have a huge community full of dedicated movie goers and critics, thats my goal...i know, wishfull thinking... anyway, here goes:

you don't need to do that LJ cut shit unless you want, i don't care but you DO need to submit this stuff for me and my....files....good?good.

1. Name (full)
2. age
3. sex
4. top seven favorite bands
5. favorite movie
6. prefered movie type
7. and last and least, a picture of yourself, if you reallllly have something against it or just don't have a printer, its ok, just i perfer a picture.

just submit this to my journal for now until i figure out how to work this community..yeah, then i'll just post it in this one using the ever popular cut and paste..
postmortum here: http://www.livejournal.com/users/apricanicus/